Although Das•Jatiwill form into a single, integrated work, the individualssegments are of varying lengths and run the gamut from all-ballet to all-opera, including large-scale works, chamber works, monodramas, a miniatures.  Each work may be performed on its own, but the full Das•Jati forms a vast whole that needs to be experienced over the course of a weeklong festival.

Production Schedule (Thailand)

2012 temiya - The Silent Prince - opera

2014 Mahajanaka - ballet-opera

2015 Bhuridatta, Prince of Dragons - ballet-opera

2015 Sama - The Faithful Son - ballet-opera

2017 NEMI - THE CHARIOT OF HEAVEN - ballet-opera

2018 SAMA - THE FAITHFUL SON (revival)

2019  Mahosot - the architect of dreams - ballet-opera

2019 Chandrakumar - ballet

2020 Vidhura - ballet-opera


2021 Prince Vessantara - opera

2022  organization period for first complete festival

2025 First Complete Performance of Cycle